RENEXPO 8th International Energy Trade Fair – 04.04.2014, Budapest, Hungary

The RENEXPO® (Renewable ENergy EXPOsition) Central Europe is in meanwhile not only Hungary’s largest and most significant event on renewable energies but also creates an energy platform in the Pannonian Basin Region.

This event is already a tradition as we are celebrating in 2015 the 9th edition. The trade fair as well as the conferences demonstrate how simple the future energy generation, supply and usage can become.

International event

As hub between Western and Eastern Europe, the RENEXPO® in Budapest offers an ideal platform for tapping international business opportunities!

The event traditionally focus on the perspectives of the European markets, in particular Central Europe. Due to its favourable geographic location, it has been helping vendors to access the markets of Central, Easter and South-Eastern Europe for many years.

In 2014 there were 51 exhibitors (over 10% international from 6 countries: AT, RO, SI, CZ, TR, HU) and 2488 visitors.

Main trade fair themes:

  • Sustainable and decentralized energy production – Renewable energy (bioenergy, solar thermal and photovoltaic, hydro power, wind energy, geothermal energy, cogeneration, heat pump)
  • Energy management, distribution & supply (Smart Grids, Smart Metering, Automatisation)
  • Intelligent and energy efficient energy application (construction, reconstruction, E-Mobility, production processes)

Providig Know How & Network Possibility

Since 2007 the RENEXPO® Central Europe creates in Budapest a meeting point for key persons and experts for knowledge transfer in the energy sector.

Specialized conferences take place parallel to the trade fair, where national and international public authorities, associations, scientists and companies present trends, research results, technologies and innovations in their field.

The network that stands behind the energy trade fair is expansive, influential and very active. European and national well known partners in the industry contribute to the success of the event.

The international Business Matching provides further business opportunities.

Renewable energy market in Hungary 

  • The target energy share derived from renewable energy is proposed to be 13 % by 2020 in terms of total energy consumption– this figure was 5,4 % in 2009
  • According to the new action plan, more subsidies will be provided for renewable energy, totalling to 88-110 million euros
  • The beginnings of the energy efficiency reconstruction program will provide 100.000 municipality buildings and apartments annually, for 364 million euros
  • Involves the regrouping of EU-subsidies for energy efficient investments
  • Simplifies the approval and permit procedure
  • Hungary’s new energy strategy was accepted at the end of October, which contains proposals up to 2030 for both the Hungarian energy sector and the government, as it has proposed a plan up to 2050, which relocates the 2030-arrangements in a global, long-term perspective
  • New funding for PV and other renewable energies for Hungarian companies and municipalities are be available from March 2013.

The consortium was represented by ATEKNEA on this international exhibition that focused on high quality energy efficiency solutions and renewable energies and provided a platform for connecting businesses and self-promotion. The event drew experts from all over the world to ensure the efficient knowledge transfer from research and development in the field. The event that is coupled with a trade program attracted around 50.000 local and international participants out of which 70% are trade visitors.